IPL Hair Removal

Prevent Unwanted Hair From Growing Back Week After Week With This Device

  • No More Waxing Or shaving
  • Do It Yourself-From The Comfort Of Your Own Home
  • Quick & Easy, Just Plug And It Is Ready To Go

The Best Way To Stop Hair Re-Growth!

Introducing the Newest Tech in
Hair Removal

hand holding device

Proven to stop hair regrowth using IPL technology. The light emitted by the IPL device is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, which turns into heat that kills the growing cells that make the hair.

There are no more trips to the esthetician's office for a laser hair removal treatment every couple months, no treatment fees, and it only takes 10-15 minutes depending on which area you wish to use it on. 

Try Silky Skin Today and 
Stop Hair Regrowth 

How Does Try Silky Skin Work?


Try Silky Skin plugs into any standard electrical outlet in your home. Simply plug it in, select the power setting and it is ready to use.

It uses the IPL technology to target pigment in your hair that heats up and kills the hair growth cells.

There’s no need for spending thousands of dollars on laser hair removal treatments that can require you to go to the esthetician's office every month or two. You can use this from the comfort of your own home and you only pay for it once!


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